What Would You Give Up For The Internet?

The internet is a vital part of our everyday living. We use it to communicate to each other, for banking, getting our daily news, and much more. In fact, this generation of kids doesn’t even know what the world would be like without the internet. Rogers Redboard recently posted an interesting info-graphic that shows the results of a poll asking what their customers use the internet for the most, and what they would give up to keep the internet in their lives. Take a look.

Most of these stats are pretty much what I would expect. The funniest part for me is the second column of “Give It Up For The Internet” section. I could see myself giving up everything in the first column for the internet. I don’t drink, and never have, so I’m good with no alcohol. No chocolate and coffee would be easy for me. Now the second section; no sex, bathing, or interacting with people in real life. I would have thought those were put in the survey as a joke, but surprisingly there are a few folks out there that would give these up to stay online.

So, what would YOU give up to keep your internet? Let us know in the comments below.

[via Redboard]