Where Do You Use Your iPhone in Canada?

We know that Apple has sold roughly 4 million iPhones now, and are on target to reach their goal of 10 million sold in 2008.

Who knows if this will happen or not. One thing is for sure, the “unlocked” iPhone market is thriving, particularly in Canada and other countries where the iPhone has not been released.

I’ve been wondering just how many unlocked iPhones there are in Canada and also where they are located. I received an email asking to run a poll about where you are using your iPhone in Canada. So I figured I’d take the time to do that now. So the big question is…

…where are you using your unlocked iPhone in Canada? What province? Let me know your specific city in the comments (as I know you guys are located all over the place!).

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So hopefully most of you will vote on this poll…I’ll run it for a week or so and we will find out the results! 🙂

*EDIT*: My apologies to the fine people of Nova Scotia…I purposely excluded you guys from the poll because I wanted someone to send me a crate of fresh lobsters before adding you guys in…it was my way of leverage but I guess it didn’t work out. Sorry! =) Forget the ‘buy me a beer’ option…I’m going to change it to ‘buy me a lobster!’

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