WWDC 2014 May be Apple’s Biggest Assault on Android Yet

At yesterday’s WWDC 2014 keynote event, Apple unleashed a wave of unprecedented software innovation in the stunning new Mac OS X Yosemite and iOS 8. And even though Apple did not put a single new device on show, it clearly launched its biggest assault on Android yet, Electronista reports. What we saw unveiled at WWDC 2014 shows that Apple has the resources to blow away the competition through sheer hard work.


From unveiling a brand new ‘Swift’ computing language to an SDK with over 4,000 new APIs, Apple has made it clear that it can continue to lead the tech industry in both software and hardware innovation for the foreseeable future. The new levels of integration between iOS devices and the OS X will also serve to make Mac users who own an Android phone to strongly consider switching back to the iPhone.

“Apple’s  announcements around health, home automation, while hugely significant, were almost swamped by a vast array of other software-related feature enhancements to both Mac OS X and iOS. One of the most interesting developments was the new level of integration between its Macs and iOS devices delivered through ‘Continuity.’ While it was widely anticipated that Mac OS X would continue to pick up more iOS-themed design cues, new capabilities like AirDrop compatibility between Macs and iOS devices, automatic tethering, iMessage integration and the ability to take phone and make phone calls via your iPhone on the Mac make the attraction of going all-Apple all the more enticing.”

If Samsung and Google felt at all like they have won the mobile war because of the high rate of adoption of Android, they might be thinking again after this powerhouse display of Apple’s software development skills. What do you guys think?