YouTube Shorts to Let Creators Include Clips From Long-Form Videos

YouTube has announced that it is now letting creators use video clips from billions of YouTube videos on Shorts.

On Thursday, YouTube announced that it’s beginning to roll out a video “remixing” feature on YouTube Shorts, a new report from The Verge explains. The feature allows YouTube Shorts creators to easily cut a one to five-second video clip out of any eligible YouTube video, including other Shorts, and include it in their new original Shorts video creation.

If users are familiar with TikTok, they’ll know how similar features like “stitching” have aided in the creation of popular reaction videos and collaborations between creators. The company said that music videos with copyrighted content from YouTube’s music partners are not eligible to be remixed.

YouTubers who do not want their videos used in remixes can simply opt-out of the feature in their YouTube Studio dashboard. Note that other YouTube Shorts videos cannot be opted out of the Shorts sampling feature.

YouTube Shorts are the Google-owned video platform’s TikTok and Instagram Reels-like short videos. These are limited to a 60-second duration and now, creators can splice 1 to 5-second segments from eligible long-form videos and Shorts to use in their short-form videos. Previously, creators were only able to splice short audio clips from other videos on the platform.

If you want to use Shorts on the web, you likely already have access to it — you’ll see a “Shorts” item in the left sidebar when accessing from your browser. As for the new Cut option, it will be available for iOS in the coming weeks, while you can expect to see it on Android later this year.