App Review: Fossil for iPhone

How are you with time management? What about with tracking expenses? If you are looking for a solution, Fossil for iPhone may be your app!

Fossil by Thirstysea

Fossil is an elegantly designed time and expense tracking application for iPhone. It is a business application that has been designed with freelancers and consultants in mind. The primary focus of the app is time management and expense tracking, both of which become important factors when you have billable hours for clients.

The user interface for the app is very clean and easy to use. Select menu items are presented along the bottom and you can customize which menu items you use most. The app also includes multiple themes if you feel the need for customization.

On the time management end of the app, the app allows you to track the time of multiple clients. Each Client can be put into a Project and each client/project can further have defined Tasks. You may also have real-time tracking of tasks using customizable Single or Multiple timers. In other words, the app allows a very nice degree of flexibility for time management.

On the expense tracking side of the app, you can define various expense categories for your needed expenses and each expense includes all of the details and notes that you input. The expense tracking area reminds me very much of the iPhone note pad expect that there are specific user defined fields for information.

Of course no time/money management app would be complete without an integrated calendar function. The expense and time tracking screens include the month and year along the top menu bar so you can schedule the events accordingly. There is no “day view” like you would see on the stock iPhone calendar but you can choose the day and time when inputting a new time or expense tracking item.

Overall, Fossil provides a very clean and intuitive management app. While the app is a little on the pricey side for the mostly basic functions it provides, the app is not for everyone. However for those looking for specific time and expense management apps, you may want to check out Fossil.

Fossil is scored a 4 out of 5.

Fossil is available on the iTunes App Store for $5.99.

There is also a Lite version coming soon, so you can check that out and see if the app is right for you.