App Review: Fun Booth for iPhone

Make your friends photos look crazy, happy, scary or just wild by placing wacky and fun props on their faces using Fun Booth for iPhone!

Fun Booth by SpoonJuice

Fun Booth is a wacky and fun application that allows you to dress up photos of your friends with various props such as clown noses, hats, face masks and much more. The iPhone version of the app is a companion to the Mac application, Fun Booth 2, which uses your Mac web-cam to take photos or videos and then you apply props to the faces. The iPhone version of Fun Booth has most of the same functions using the iPhone camera, except it is only used for photos and not video.

FunBooth 002

Taking a photo and applying a prop is done very easily with the app. You can either take a new photo or use an existing one, but whichever method you prefer, the best photos are ones with a person’s face in it. This however is one of the limitations of the app because the best photos are with a persons face square or straight-on to the screen. For example, if the person’s face is off a bit on an angle, the prop will not always line up properly.

FunBooth 003

FunBooth 001

After you have your photo, you can cycle through various props or shake your iPhone to view randomized props. Each prop can be sized to be larger or smaller by using the iPhone pinch-to-zoom controls. While Fun Booth includes a ton of props to use, a huge limitation that I noticed is not being able to choose a specific prop. Random is fun, but sometimes I have an idea for a look and I want to be able to choose my own props from a list or library. I could not find this functionality in the application.

FunBooth 005

Once your photo edit is complete, you can save the photo to your Photo Album, email it, upload it to Twitter or Flickr or assign it to a contact. However, another limitation of the app is that it seems you can only add one prop at a time per photo. So if you want to add multiple props per photo, you have to first create your first photo prop, save it, open the saved photo up again and then add your second prop. For more props, repeat the process. I did not like that and found it to be a burden.

FunBooth 004

Overall, Fun Booth provides a fun and interactive way for you and your friends to use your iPhone to dress up your photos and make yourselves look wacky! However, the app would benefit by allowing different angled props, a prop library to choose from and the ability to add more than one prop per photo editing session.

Fun Booth is scored a 2 out of 5.

Fun Booth is available in the iTunes App Store for $0.99.