App Review: Golf Like A Tour Pro For iPhone

Brush up on your golfing skills or simply enjoy learning new tricks with Golf Like A Tour Pro for iPhone/iPod Touch.

Golf Like A Tour Pro by S SQUARED GOLF

Golf Like A Tour Pro was created with the aim to assist golfers of all skill levels in refining and improving their golfing technique.

Features 2/2

The app is designed around the teachings of PGA Tour Pro Kevin Streelman. Golf Like A Tour Pro is an instructional app that includes 50 shot set-ups, many strategies, and high quality videos all narrated and supported by Kevin Streelman.

Streelman analyzes each situation and provides users with the proper setup and tips in summary form. Furthermore, users may watch a video of the setup/shot from within the app with the option to watch it in slow motion for extra detail.

The video feature is quite amazing as it’s one thing to read what to do but it’s much more helpful to actually see what to do. The other nice feature of the videos is users do not have to leave the app to watch them.

Users may view information on nine different shot selections per hole such as from bunkers, fairway, the green, water and so on. There is also 50 setup selections from different lies such as uphill, downhill, flop, buried bunker and more. Each situation has an analysis of best practices, tips from Streelman and, the aforementioned videos.

Lastly, players may make favorites folders to store often used shots whether playing a round of golf or using the driving range.

Whether you are a pro or casual player, the instructional summaries and included videos are extremely helpful to assist players in not only improving their game but ensuring that they are using proper technique.

Controls & Navigation 2/2

Considering the amount of content included in the app, navigating is very clean and easy. Various situations are listed and once users view one, the tips, videos, and strategies are available along the bottom of the screen.

During video playback, players have full control in terms of pausing, playing and also viewing the video in slow motion. For any favorites, a favorites button (a star) is available with a single tap.

Value 1/1

Considering the price of most golf related items and accessories, the app is appropriately priced. The included videos, detailed analysis, strategies, and quick tips will be helpful to any type of golfer.

Since the app is for an iPhone and iPod Touch, that further adds value as the app now becomes portable and is with players during the game.

Golf Like A Tour Pro is scored a 5 out of 5.

Golf Like A Tour Pro is available on the iTunes App Store for $4.99.