Game Review: Fieldrunners For iPhone

Hey everyone! Now a day in the iPhone scene there are thousands of new apps and games being released daily that it�s so hard to keep track of which games are worth to try. Well today I would like to tell you about one of my favorite iPhone apps called Fieldrunners!

Fieldrunners is a game developed by Subatomic Studios , it�s located in the games category in the App Store and is very, very addicting! It’s a fun game to play when you need to kill some time or if you just enjoy playing strategic games.

Fieldrunners is all about defending and controlling the field while using a variety selection of towers in an unlimited amount of time.

Since its release date, Fieldrunners has improved in many ways. From new maps, to towers, enemies and difficulty, it�s a never ending battle! Here are a few screenshots:

There are currently 3 maps: Grasslands, Crossroads and Drylands. You have the option to play Classic, Extended, Endless modes and a variety of difficulty levels like Easy, Medium, and Hard.

As you can see in the screenshots above, you need to build towers which are upgradable to cause more damage. But be careful, you only have a certain amount of cash!

You start out with $15 on each map. The way to earn more cash is by defeating enemies and getting awarded from kills. Each enemy is worth different points and cash.

For instance, the harder the enemy, the more cash you earn. You will also notice in the top right hand corner is a heart which indicates how much life you have left before your defeated. Your life starts out at 20 and well once you let 20 enemies make their way through the field without killing them, its GAME OVER!

Fieldrunners can be saved at any point, it has an automatic save feature which comes in handy! Let�s say you need to make a quick phone call or need to compose a text to a friend. Click the home button and you will not lose any game play. Once you�re done your call or text, load Fieldrunners and simply click resume. The game will start exactly where you left off.

I can go on explaining more about Fieldrunners and how amazing of a game it is! But I�d rather see you try it out for yourself and post some comments of what you think about the game. Be sure to post your highest level score and difficulty over at the forums. The battle begins!!!

Fieldrunners can be found in the games category of the App Store for $2.99 which it is worth every penny! Make sure to check out their website and read the forums for great strategy tips and more!

Thanks for taking the time and reading my review of Fieldrunners. I hope you enjoy playing!

Do you have what it takes to pwn the Fieldrunners?

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