Automotive App: Canadian Car Information Right on your iPhone

Automotive App just launched today for the iPhone. This app puts car information in your pocket, and it’s geared towards the Canadian car market. Here are the major features:

– New Vehicles
– Auto Repair
– Test Drive
– Industry News
– Financial
– Vehicle Recalls
– Car Wash
– Gas Stations

In each section you’ll find detailed information. Under new vehicles you’ll see pictures, prices, specifications, media articles, videos, reviews, and dealerships. You can even setup a side-by-side comparison of multiple vehicles. There’s also a news section that pulls feeds from popular automotive sites in Canada. The car wash and gas stations section accurately found locations near me using Google Maps.

One important section I found interesting was the vehicle recalls as it listed the complete history of recall info, and links directly to Transport Canada’s website. This feature alone will save you time when you are car hunting. Included is a link to email the page to others.

If you’re in the market for a new car in Canada, Automotive App has done a great job catering specific info to Canadians. The layout is very simple and straightforward, and effective. The design of icons and logos could be a bit more polished and optimized for the Retina Display though. Nevertheless, a great resource to hit the App Store for Canadians.

Click here to download Automotive App–it’s free!