Camera+ Hits 2 Million Sales, Data Revealed by Tap Tap Tap

Camera+ recently released another significant update to their popular photography app. Tap Tap Tap, the company behind Camera+ just revealed on their blog they’ve hit $2 million in sales. Not only that, they’ve also revealed some interesting sales data that will make any developer jealous.

Fresh off the heals of the Camera+ 2.2 release including our killer feature, Clarity, I’m happy to announce that this weekend we’ve sold our 2 millionth copy of Camera+. This milestone by itself is pretty remarkable, but what makes it even more incredible is how fast we went from 1 million sales to this 2 million point… it happened in under 3 months.

Here are the Camera+ Worldwide Weekly Sales:

Number sold: 2,061,403
Net sales: $1,833,722

Upgrade numbers (1 million people upgraded in 6 days):

Upgrades for version 2.2: 1,041,041

They also revealed sales for in-app purchases, which netted them just under $70K in sales.

Overall, Camera+ has done a phenomenal job in the App Store. The combination of creating an excellent product and marketing has resulted in huge dividends for Tap Tap Tap. The app is successful because it’s easy to use, plus they continue to offer significant value with their upgrades (hmm…doesn’t this sound familiar? *cough* Angry Birds *cough*). Developers should take note of their blog write up.

The new ‘clarity’ feature works great, plus the app is currently on sale for 99 cents. Click here to download. Are you lovin’ Camera+?

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