Capture the Inanimate with Stop Motion Studio


Stop motion is one of my favourites types of animation. It allows the animator to bring life to objects that otherwise would have none. Let a toy car drive a track, or a LEGO minifig walk around. Doing this is possible by taking a photo of each frame, then importing them onto a program on your computer that plays them in quick succession. Removing the most annoying step to creating a stop motion animation, is Stop Motion Studio by Cateater, allowing you to create, view, and share animations directly from the camera being used to take the photos, your iPhone.

Stop Motion Studio is a like to iMovie, where you scroll across your current projects, seeing the metadata for each. Starting a new project throws you into camera mode, and at first might seem a little barren, although tapping the little gear gives you all the options you were looking for. The current duration, frame number, auto-capture time, grid, overlay, fps, you name it. It’s all there, available to you while recording, and I really like the way the’ve laid it out for you. It reminds me of Instagram‘s filter selection, it does away with all the complicated menus and gives you a simple selection that’s easy to navigate.


If you’ve played with any of Cateater’s applications, then you will find the same level of design that you’re used to. The application looks really nice and mimics that a of a movie clapper. I know I usually rant about the user interface of apps, but it truly is important to make the application looks as good as it is useful and Cateater has no problems in either category.

I guess to sum it all up, Stop Motion Studio is a great application for anyone wanting to experiment with stop motion animation. It gives you the options you need, and the simplicity to use them. For $0.99, the app is definitely worth looking at.

Click here to download Stop Motion Studio

So as it turns out, Cateater sent me a couple of promotion codes and I’m going to give them away to you guys. To save a dollar on this application, comment with the most interesting stop motion animation you would make with it. Maybe you’d embark your rubber ducky on a voyage across the tub on a search for sunken treasure, or maybe your skateboard will decide it doesn’t need you and perform the tricks on its own. I only have a couple of codes, so comment quick!


Sorry folks! All the codes are gone. Keep reading and maybe you’ll catch my next giveaway.