Game Review: BloodyXmas For iPhone

It’s January now and you’d say the Christmas holidays are over, right? Well not just yet! Today I have a review of a Christmas game which, well you wouldn’t expect Christmas to be this way. Bloody, gory and more!

BloodyXmas is what the name sounds like. You slice, dice and smash! Its a 3D survival game that gets very addicting. There are twenty four rounds in which Santa must protect five Christmas presents from various creatures that are located in a green star circle in the game area.

Controls are very good. You simply point or drag your finger anywhere on the screen to move Santa to that location. Once you spot a creature, you tap on them and thats when Santa attacks! Some creatures can take more then one hit. Keep tapping on them until there sliced up, or what ever it takes to kill them.

Points are ranked up at the end of the level and if you were able to protect all five presents, then you are awarded more points. Lost a few presents? Well, not so good then. There are bonus points too that you can get for killing multiple creatures in a try.

There is a various amount of weapons in the game. They are Argumentator (Kitchen tool of Miss Santa) Meatgrinder (Ultimate tool to smash anything!) Motogedden (Got fuel?) Lightsabre (May the force be with you) and a gigantic Combine Harvester!

Of course my favorite weapon is the gigantic Combine Harvester! You can grind up any creature and rank up the points.

Graphics look amazing. Very detailed as for blood and body parts scattered around the game arena.

Sounds effects are hilarious. They match up perfectly with every weapon that is being used and as for the creatures, its really creepy. You also get to play along with Mad Finger Game’s very own rendition of the Jingle Bells tune. Its makes the game that more exciting!

One of my favourite features of this game is online with AGON. AGON online is a leading social gaming platform for iPhone and iPod Touch games.

Some of the features are:
• Online leader boards
• Friends lists
• Location aware scores
• Awards system
• Facebook and Twitter integration
• Persistent player profile

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So if you think you have what it takes to protect those presents? Take on various creatures? And can handle those weapens? I’m sure you will enjoy BloodyXmas!
One thing to be aware of… You must be 17 years of age to download this game.

BloodyXmas is available in the iTunes App Store for $0.99

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