Game Review: Ms. Chuck The Ball for iPhone

If you have ever played any Snake-type games that require you to simply navigate your way into picking up objectives, then the game Ms. Chuck the Ball will feel right at home!

Ms. Chuck the Ball by Makeshift Games

Ms. Chuck the Ball is an updated sequel of sorts from the original Chuck the Ball. The objective in Ms. Chuck the Ball is simple; navigate through each level collecting each of the stars. As you attempt your objective, you must complete a variety of puzzles and avoid the many hazards that come in the later, more difficult levels.

The game includes three different difficulty levels (easy, medium, hard) and over 100 levels, each with increasing difficulty in terms of puzzles and hazards to dodge. As you enter the more difficult levels, your problem solving skills are put to the test as you will find yourself planning out how to accomplish the level before you actually begin the level. However, the game levels do become repetitive and the game does not have a high replayability value.

The control scheme is very simple and easy to use. To move your character, you simply swipe the screen in the direction that you want to move. The character in the game, Ms. Chuck, is a constantly rolling ball. If you hit the sides of the level, you stop rolling. The only gripe I have with the controls is I found that you need to swipe slightly early before you are lined up with the path in which you want to face.

For example, if you are moving left across the screen and want to turn down, you have swipe your finger downwards along the screen just before you reach the path that you want to start moving down towards. After a few minutes of playing, this lag becomes quite an annoyance.

The game provides a solid control scheme, good game play, great visuals, and good sound. You also get the option to turn the sound off and instead use the music from your iPod. Overall, I give Ms. Chuck the Ball a 3.5/5.

You can check out Ms. Chuck the Ball in the iTunes App Store for $0.99.