Green P: The Official Toronto Parking Authority iPhone App

Torontonians, this app is for you. Green P, the official Toronto Parking Authority iPhone app has been released in the App Store. The app allows users to find Green P parking lots by search, and includes a nifty smart timer that alerts you when your time is about to expire. There’s nothing worse than trying to find a parking lot, and this app looks well designed and easy to use.

App description below:

With the only **official, Toronto Parking Authority, Green P App**, easily uncover the locations of Green P carparks in Toronto. Search by current location, or by destination. Your search will plot all Green P carparks relevant to your location or destination. You can even filter your results based on price or distance.

After you’ve parked, set a smart timer based on the expiration time on your pay-and-display ticket minus walking time to your destination. You won’t have to do any math. The only work you’ll have to do is in walking back to your car when the app’s notification sounds.

The Green P carpark app helps you find parking on the fly and maximize every minute you’ve paid for.

The Toronto Parking Authority reminds you that using a handheld device while driving is illegal in Ontario and unsafe. Drivers are encouraged to pull over to the side of the road before using the app, or have a passenger do the navigating.


Features List:

* Search for carparks by Current Location (GPS)
* Search for carparks by Destination
* Sort results based on price or distance
* Eliminate the guesswork from finding reliable lots
* Get to your destination faster, with less driving
* Set a parking timer that accounts for foot travel time from car to destination

Green P is free. Click here to download it and let me know what you think!

Thanks to Cory (the developer’s brother) for email!