iPhone Game Addiction of the Weekend: iShoot Lite

Every now and then when I’m bored and looking for something to do, I will check the Top 25 Free apps via the App Store. This list is constantly changing so it’s always interesting to see what will appear in the listings.

Most of the time developers will create a killer app and give it away for free. Why? Well, in today’s connected digital world anything that is remotely interesting will go viral quickly through social networks (think Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc).

Once these free apps get popular and make it into the Top 25 list, developers will then start charging for the app, which will show up in the Top 25 Paid apps list. What does this mean for them? It means tens of millions of people viewing their app in the App Store and possibly a large payday for their hard work!

iShoot Lite: It’s What I’m Currently Playing on my iPhone

The app that I have been playing a lot more than usual late is iShoot Lite. There is a full version of iShoot for $2.99, but the free “lite” version gives you a pretty good idea of what’s involved in the game.

Basically you get to buy different caliber of mortars/missiles to buy and you shoot down other players by calibrating trajectory and power. iShoot reminds me of a game Cannons I used to play online. By getting the final “kill” of other players you get more money in the next rounds to purchase more intense hardware. You can customize the number of players/computers and rounds it takes to win the game.

I will most likely get bored of iShoot in the next week or so and move onto the next game/app. This is the beauty of the App Store as all these apps keep our iPhones fresh and fun all the time. Check out the following screenshots:

What games or apps are you currently obsessing over?