JiggleU: Shake your iPhone to Dial Numbers

The iPhone is a pretty damn good cellphone I might add. Actually, it’s more than a cellphone, it’s more like a small computer in your pocket. There are some features missing on the iPhone that a lot of people would hope for.

A few examples that come to mind are stereo bluetooth, the ability to customize sounds, and ability to make you fly. Since a lot of people talk on their cellphones while driving when they shouldn’t be, what’s one way to make it easier to dial, since there’s no voice activation dialing (who uses voice activation anyways)?

JiggleU is Here to the Rescue

The answer is in the following app, named JiggleU, available in the App Store. This is how the app works: you add up to seven of your favourite contacts and then to dial you shake your iPhone the respective number of times to dial. It’s a pretty cool concept and will work wonders when your hands are full and you can’t navigate to your favourites.

Here’s a video demonstration of the app and how it works:

JiggleU is available in the App Store for $2.99. It may be out of the 99 cent app price range for some, but it will come in handy for others. I did run into some problems with the app though. Adding contacts that were previously transferred to my iPhone via the SIM card won’t work. It will cause the app to crash. I did get in touch with Dennis, the developer of the app. He did confirm that the next update will fix this issue, so we might have to wait a while for perfect functionality. Another way around this is to just delete your contact and create a new one. Problem solved.

You can read more about JiggleU by clicking here and viewing it in the App Store. Add JiggleU to your dock and you’ll have the easiest way to dial your favourite numbers when your hands are full. Anyone out there using JiggleU? How’s it shakin’ for ya? 🙂

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