Real Racing GTI iPhone App Review: Must-Have Free App

Every now and then there comes a free iPhone app that you must have. Some of my favourite notables include Skype, ScoreMobile, CBC Hockey Night in Canada, and WhatsApp (this won’t stay free for long!). But what about when it comes to iPhone games?

Real Racing GTI: Get This Game As it Rocks!

The following may come as “welcome to last month” news, but for many out there, Firemint’s Real Racing GTI iPhone app is one of the must-have apps at the moment. Firemint is the team behind the hit game Flight Control. With Real Racing GTI, they have teamed up with Volkswagen to offer the game for free (the full version is $9.99). It has now become one of the most downloaded free iPhone apps of all time.

Although the game is limited to one track, it unleashes the full power of the graphics capabilities of the iPhone 3GS. I’ve seen it played on an iPhone 3G and iPod Touch, and the game still plays great. The cool thing about Real Racing GTI is that for those who have wanted to “test out” Real Racing, this is your chance!


photo 2

Within the game, you can only choose from the latest 2010 Volkswagen GTI models, both two door and four door versions (6 models total). The game play is exactly the same as the full version and you can still select tracks from your iPod library to listen to right within the game. The controls are easy to use, and the game is extremely impressive as an iPhone app, in particular the eye-pleasing graphics. Check out the following video (the cinematography reminds me of Gran Turismo):

…and if you’re a Volkswagen junkie, you’ll love this promo trailer:

You can also upload your best laps straight to YouTube, there’s Facebook and Twitter integration, a GTI showroom, plus the ability to find the nearest VW dealer near you. This is a well polished iPhone app and once again it displays the talent of the Firemint team.

Real Racing For Free Sounds Pretty Good to Me

It was definitely a good call on Volkswagen’s part to team up with Firemint and offer a GTI version for free. Not only has resulted in free publicity for the new 2010 Volkswagen line up, but it also displays the extreme fun that Real Racing offers (our US neighbours can race to win a free GTI!). On top of that, it has benefitted us the consumer, as we can get our hands Real Racing for free, albeit a scaled down version. Nonetheless, Real Racing GTI is still a must-have free iPhone app considering the value it offers!

Click here to download Real Racing GTI (WiFi/USB download recommended; 60MB size).