Review: cuteFrog

Hey all!

So, I was browsing the iTunes AppStore and I came across a game called cuteFrog and after playing with it for a few minutes, I found myself very confused on why I kept on dieing in the game. Did I really suck that much?! But after a few minutes more of playing, I figured it out and really enjoyed the game experience!

cuteFrog by Petko Penchev

The game is very easy to play. Once loaded up, there is a frog (you) and above the frog are both bees and flys buzzing around. The point of the game is to tap on the bees and flys to “eat” them and this is where my earlier confusion lies. As I was tapping the bugs, I kept dieing! Constantly! But it was not until a few minutes later that I had realized my problem! Is you MISS a fly or bee, you lose a life!

As the bugs float around above you, they move at varying speeds and are quite literally all over the place. Left, right, down, up, just everywhere. When you tap one, the bug dies and you get points, however, if you miss three times you lose one life! The game allows you three lives to begin with, which means you have nine chances at missing (three chances per life). While the point of the game is to kill the flys and bees, what you do not want to do is miss! In other words, the game seriously tests your reaction times and your hand/eye coordination….I guess mine was not so good to start.

After a few repeated attempts and finally figuring out why I was dieing all the time, the game became a blast! It is very difficult to keep an eye on the bugs and tap them without missing, as it takes great accuracy and patience. But in the end, that is what is so fun about the game! With a blend of pleasing graphics and sounds, cuteFrog really does test your reaction abilities in an amusing way.

If you want to check out cuteFrog, it is available in the iTunes AppStore for $0.99!

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