Review: Know your friends with ‘FriendFreak’!

Hey all!

Today I introduce you to a review of an application called “FriendFreak” which is an interactive social networking quiz based on your friends!

FriendFreak by Think Top Down

FriendFreak is an interactive social quiz game that is based on your friends. The goal of the game is to challenge and improve your knowledge of your friends. The application uses ‘Facebook Connect’ to essentially gather its questions based on your friends profiles. FriendFreak also includes a series of categories to make the game more challenge and lasting, some of which include birthdays, hobbies, favourite movies or foods, and picture identification.

How the game  presents questions is in the form of clues. You receive a clue, such as “Likes movies, the beach, and Kit-Kat Bars” and then you are presented with a number of pictures of your friends. Now the task is to match the picture to the clue, while you race against the clock. You get points for every correct match and ultimatly can become a true “FriendFreak”.

The application is very social based and such as is very enjoyable. It is something easily played with a group of friends or just by yourself, but reglardless of setting, FriendFreak is a great way to test both your knowledge of your friends and better yet, your friends’ knowledge of you!

So, how about we give away a promo code for FriendFreak? Yes? This is one takes a bit of searching.

To win a promo code for FriendFreak, be the FIRST person to post BELOW the answer to the following question:

1.) What are the FOUR connection methods that FriendFreak can use to connect to the Facebook Platform?

For those without a promo code, FriendFreak can be picked up in the AppStore for the limited time price of $0.99.

Check it out!