Review: Play a round of 18 with “Where To Golf”

Today I have an application for the golfers out there. It is called “Where To Golf” and it is an extensive golf database application that provides details on where golf courses are and their included amenities.

Where To Golf by Carpe Diem Ventures

Where To Golf provides golfers with an extensive database of over 19,000 golf courses in the USA, including how to get there and the included amenities that come with each course. There is an update coming for the app later in this month that will add support for Canadian golf courses, as I mentioned it only has USA courses now. However, once the Canadian ones are added, the same information will be provided for each course!

If you have an iPhone that is connected to the web via EDGE, 3G or WiFi, the app uses the GPS receiver to locate golf courses near you. You can also search by city, or directly by the golf course name. I happen to prefer the GPS method because if you are on vacation and are in a new city, the GPS function makes it completely flawless to locate a golf course.

Once you find your desired course, you simply tap on it and are presented with the address of the course, the name, how far it is from you, the varying prices through the week, the weather, and the course information such as yardage, rating, and slope. Along the bottom of this screen, you have a “Call course” button which gives you the course number to call, a “Details” button which gives you more information about the course such as layouts and designs, training facilities, and amenities such as rentals.

You also have a “Map” button which will plot where the course is on the iPhone Google maps and lastly the “Reviews” button where you can read about user experiences with the course. You can also add your own golf course if the app does not have one you know of listed.

Where To Golf is a fantastic application for any serious golfer or just casual golfer that enjoys the game. The provided information in the app is extremely helpful and almost eliminates the need to call the course for specific information such as prices and directions.

Where To Golf is available in the iTunes App Store for $1.99.


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