Review: Stay aware with Lethal!

Today I have an application called “Lethal” which uses the GPS location function in your iPhone to assess the area you are in of dangers!

Lethal by Elany Arts Inc.

Lethal measures your surrounding area for threats using four scales: Wildlife, Crime, Disease, and Disasters. The application locates you via the GPS function of the iPhone and then runs the assessment based on information complied from Government and Academic statistics and research.

Lethal just actually expanded its coverage to Canada, so along with Canadian coverage, the app has over 650 locations covered throughout North America.

When the application is started, Lethal searches for your location and then immediately assess the threats in the area. I have posted an image above of its assessment of Vancouver, BC, Canada (looks like a disaster is coming). Moreover, you can browse locations as well. So for example, if you are about to travel somewhere, you can get an early heads-up of the area. You also have access to a newly added feature called “Rank” which ranks the most dangerous areas to least areas, or vice versa.

Currently, Lethal is available in the iTunes AppStore for $0.99.


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