Review: Totlol, one for the kids

Today I have different kind of application review, it is a Web App for the iPhone called “Totlol” and if you have kids, this is a great website!


“Totlol” is a free video website designed for children. It is moderated and contributed to by the community and powered by YouTube. The large, over 10,000 video selections, are submitted and rated by parents and the web app acts like a video-on-demand service. Totlol also has its own standalone website accessible from a computer, so you do not necessarily need an iPhone or iPod Touch.

Totlol is designed to assist in the problem of keeping your childrens online video browsing safe and away from the “bad stuff”. All of the included videos are intended to be for children and because the community is moderated and generated by parents, it is very easy to find good, fun videos for children to enjoy.

As I mentioned earlier, the website is free to use and for parents who are interested in contributing to the community, there is a free sign up process available at the Totlol Website.

Totlol is a great service for the children of this generation. As kids are becoming more internet savvy, it is great to see local app developers focusing in an area of applications that mostly goes unnoticed.

Parents, give this web app a shot and let me know how it goes in the comments below!


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