Review: Track iPhone Data Usage with DataMan

One of the biggest complaints Canadians have is the lack of unlimited data plans from the Big Three. They claim 97% of Canadians use less than 500 MB of data per month. I have that plan, and I worry about going over the limit and accruing astronomical overcharges.

Thank God, DataMan is here to save the day!

DataMan is an app that monitors the amount of data you use in real time. It monitors both your cellular and and wi-fi usage daily, weekly and monthly.

DataMan also gives you a history of your usage from one day to any other day.

One feature that I really like is the ability to set the billing date. I like this because I can monitor my data usage from the beginning of my billing cycle.

Another great feature is the one that allows you to set daily, weekly and monthly data allowances. Let’s say I set my daily usage at 5 MB, when I check the cellular data screen it will tell me how much of that 5 MB I have used as a percentage in KB/MB. It will also give me a notification the next time I open my app but only if I am really close to the limit.

Finally, with DataMan you can set alerts. These alerts are similar to the text message alerts the Big Three send out. But here you set the limits on when to get these alerts.  We can’t relay on the Big Three, RIGHT?

P.S. Just for fun, if you ever wanted to Geo Tag your activities you can do that now with DataMan.

Description from iTunes :* Data Usage Manager * Monitor your cellular and Wi-Fi data usage in real time * Stop additional charges on your bill * Geotag your data activities * Be alerted of your consumption with customizable usage thresholds * DataMan monitors your data usage in the background, keeping a log of your activities. What’s more, it geotags your data activities. So you can browse your daily data activities on a map. You can even zoom in on the map to see the time and usage amount for certain places.

To help manage your data consumption, you’ll receive alerts when you exceed your usage thresholds. There are 4 levels of alert thresholds that you can customize to your needs to prevent additional charges to your bill.

Click link to download the app. It’s 99 cents and requires iOS 4.0 or later.