Review: Useful tools with 9-Toolbox

Hey all!

I wanted to drop a note about an application called 9-Toolbox that I have been using recently because usually it is $4.99, but right now it is free for the next little while!

9-Toolbox by e2ndesign

The app is called 9-Toolbox and it is made up of nine different useful tools. There are a few of these types of apps out there, but I really like this one because first, it is free and second, I find the user interface is very easy to use, so that makes me a fan.

The application was just released at the end of April and naturally it has a bunch of updates coming to make it even better. This is why it is great that the app is free because you grab it now, save $5.00 and then reap the benefits of the updates!

The included tools are:

1.) Currency Conversion

The Currency conversion tool simply converts your specified currency. It includes 122 currency codes and the tool makes it very easy to both type in the currency amount and choose the types of currency to convert to and from.

2.) Date Calculator

The Date Calculator is a little different. There are a number of functions that you can do such as showing how many days are between two specified dates, you can have it show you which date will be which day (for example, what day of the week is July 14, 2025), and you can view a Solar/Lunar converter as well.

3.) Days Until

The Days Until tool simply tells you how many days there are until a certain date is reached that you have specified. This is great for tracking birthdays or other events or even big movie openings!

4.) Holidays

The Holidays tool gives you a list of holidays per year and per chosen country. It also shows you how many days away a certain holiday is from your current date.

5.) Inclinometer

The Inclinometer tool gives you Surface and Bubble measures and three different units: Degree, percent, and pitch for the slope. I have not actually found a use for this tool yet, but maybe soon!

6.) Loan tool

The Loan tool gives you an Amortization tab with a Pie Chart or a Comparison tab with a Bar Chart and Pie Chart. You also get an amortization schedule view, which can be handy for long term items that you may or may not have amortized.

7.) My Girl’s Day

If you are a guy, this tool is questionable and likely to get you in HUGE trouble if you were ever caught using it. This tool tracks the menstrual calendar and also has a measure of the probability of getting pregnant. For the woman out there, you may find this tool useful, maybe. But for the men, if you know what is good for you, don’t bother with this tool.  🙂

8.) Tip Calculator

The Tip Calculator is a great tool! Figuring out the tip and splitting the cost of a meal over 2 or 3 people is easy…but how about 7 or 8 or 30? This is where the Tip Calculator comes in and makes it easy! You simply enter the total for the meal, the tax rate, the tip percent and how many people the bill is being split by and the tool generates your tip, total, and per person total.

9.) Units Tool

The Units Tool is my favourite tool of the app. This tool gives you unit conversions for area, length, pressure, temperature, volume, and weight. I send out alot of parcels and this tool is fantastic. It easily allows me to convert measurable units so that I can get proper shipping quotes for packages.

As a bonus, there is actually a tenth tool called “Price Grab” that is hidden in the info page of the app. With the Price Grab tool, you have Price A and Price B. You enter a price under each category, then select the size/quantity/count and the tool generates the unit price. I have not used it much, but I can see where this tool can become useful.

As I said before, this application is free right now, but will not be for long, so go grab it now from the iTunes AppStore!


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