TYLT Flyp-Duo Review: Simple Reversible USB Charge and Sync Cable



TYLT has always done a fantastic job of designing their products, and the Flyp-Duo is no exception.

The Flyp-Duo is a reversible USB charge and sync cable that maintains the company’s signature tangle-free design. The cable includes a reversible USB design, which means that you’ll never have to flip it over and over trying to plug it in.

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The other end of the cable comes with both micro-USB and Apple Lightning connectors. This lets you carry around multiple devices and only have to worry about carrying one cable.

I always find myself enjoying my experience with TYLT’s products and the FLYP-DUO is no exception. Using USB cables just become a lot less cumbersome. It’s the perfect solution for people with multiple different kinds of devices. It’s great because I can now carry just one cable when I pack up my electronics to go somewhere and I’ll know that I have everything I need.


The cable is available in a variety of colours, including black, blue, yellow, and red. The Flyp-Duo is available for $24.99 (1ft / 30cm) / $29.99 (3.3ft / 1m) from TYLT’s website.

For this weekend only, TYLT is offering 50 percent of all power accessories when you use the promo code LABORDAY15. Note: The promo code does not apply to the Flyp-Duo.