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Freedom Mobile Promos: $40/9GB BYOD Plan, $29/5GB Prepaid Plan and More

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If you have Shaw’s Freedom Mobile supported in your area, some new promos have popped up for this weekend.

Freedom Mobile is offering a $40/9GB plan after its bring your own device (BYOD) and Digital Discount savings applied. Include is unlimited nationwide talk and text with this plan, which is normally $50 per month with 5GB of data—but right now has a 4GB bonus.

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This $10/month discount is only available for 12 months, for a total of $120 in credits. The $10/month discount applies to any postpaid plan at $50/month or higher.

For those interested in prepaid, a $29/5GB plan is available, saving you $5/month for 12 months. After your one year discount, the price jumps back up to $34/5GB. Prepaid plans are nationwide and not subject to Freedom Zones.

There’s no word on when these promos expire, but we’re told by sources they will end on January 27, 2020.

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