Apple Proposes a Suite of New “Accessibility Emojis”

Apple has proposed a suite of new “accessibility emojis” in its latest submission to the Unicode Consortium, which include a guide dog, hearing aid, prosthetic limbs, as well as people using canes and different types of wheelchairs (via Emojipedia). The submitted proposal is based on Apple’s work with American Council of the Blind, the Cerebral Palsy Foundation and the...

Majority of Android Users Still Can’t See the New Unicode 9.0 Emojis

Last year in June, the Unicode Consortium introduced 72 new emoji with the Unicode 9.0 release, including six new scripts, 7,500 new characters, and a myriad of interesting emoji ranging from an avocado and a clown to animals like a gorilla and bat. Nearly 7 months laters, the vast majority of Android users still can't see these new...

Hijab and Breastfeeding Emojis Among 52 New Designs for 2017

Pretty much everyone uses emojis these days, and they have become an essential part of pretty much every text conversation. Users know it, tech companies know it too, so it’s no surprise there’s such a growing interest in improving them in coming updates. EmojiPedia has published a shortlist of 51 new emojis that are supposed to […]

WhatsApp Launches New Snapchat-Style Editing and Camera Features

WhatsApp is jumping on the Messenger, Instagram, and Snapchat bandwagon with the launch of new camera features that lets users further personalize their photos and videos. Users can now write, draw, and even add emojis to their media before sending it to family and friends. The native WhatsApp camera now supports front-facing flashes, so you can […]

Check Out the New Emojis Coming to Facebook Messenger

As reported by BusinessInsider, Facebook is set to roll out a new set of standardized emojis in Messenger tomorrow, including 1,500 re-designed emojis and a 100 new ones. In addition, Messenger is also introducing skin tone customization for the first time, similar to the way Apple’s emojis work.  In an effort to “make emojis more representative of the...