Apple Second Largest Purchaser of Mobile MEMS Sensors in 2010

With Apple’s recent record Q2 2011 earnings call that resulted in their war chest of cash growing to $66 billion dollars, it’s no surprise this is thanks to the surge of iOS device sales. According to IHS iSuppli, Apple surpassed Nintendo to rank second only to Samsung in the purchase of microelectromechanical system (MEMS) sensors […]

iPhoneinCanada.ca 3 Year Anniversary Giveaway Day 6

Update 1: Congrats to the following winners! Expect an email shortly. Jim Mike C. @ScottBlundell Stacey Dempsey Mark Stevens The last giveaway, we gave out five ZAGGsparq 2.0 units thanks to our friends from ZAGG. This time around, it is even better as five ZAGGmate Bluetooth iPad keyboards ($500 total value!) are up for grabs! […]

Will Tomorrow’s iPad 2 Event Preview iOS 5?

Tomorrow is going to an exciting day for iPad and iOS users. Apple will uncover the details on the much anticipated iPad 2, and rumours of MobileMe becoming an online storage for media purchased from iTunes. Cult of Mac has details from an “Apple staffer”: The Apple staffer, who asked to remain anonymous for obvious […]

Apple is the Top Brand in Movie Placements

There are a few ways to market your product, and one of the most popular forms is through product placements in movies and television. Apple is an expert at this and in 2010 at the US box office, it managed to get featured in 30% of the top movies. Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man 2, […]

iPhone 4 Wins Smartphone of the Year at 2010 Engadget Awards

The people have voted and the results are in at Engadget’s 2010 Reader’s Choice Awards. The iPhone 4 took the award for Smartphone of the Year, and Display of the Year. The iPhone 4 has been hugely successful and the Retina Display is hands down the best on the market right now. The iPhone 4 […]

AirView: Turn Your iPhone into an AirPlay Receiver

There have been some tweaks released, in the jailbreak community, to enable AirPlay to work with 3rd party apps. With the beta release of iOS 4.3, we now know that Apple plans to open up this feature to developers, so that they can add it to there own apps. The are still some cool apps […]

iPhone and iPad to Lose the Home Button on Future Models?

With the release of iOS 4.3beta1, some details about future features and hardware changes for iOS devices have been uncovered in the iOS 4.3 code. BGR is reporting that the discovery of new multigestures in the iPad firmware, suggests that Apple is moving towards getting rid of the home button. Here’s what BGR reported: We […]

Apple 2010 Year in Review Made by 15 Year Old Teenager

2010 has been a phenomenal year for Apple. The iPad has been a colossal hit worldwide, along with the iPhone 4. To summarize Apple’s achievements in 2010, 15 year old Kelvin Choi produced a short video timeline of significant events. Inspired by the Google Zeitgeist 2010 Video, I made this video, a very quick and […]

World’s Biggest iPhone Hits London: Made of 56 iPads

You have to appreciate marketing done well. This is the case in London, where the world’s largest iPhone made its debut–consisting of 56 iPads! This large ‘iPhone’ was part of the advertising campaign for the app Lara Croft Guardian of Light, and was setup inside the St. Pancras International Train Station. The coolest part of […]

Giveaway! Wicked Audio: Wicked Empire Earbuds

We have another great giveaway for you! This time we have a fashionable pair of earbuds, from Wicked Audio. The Empire brand is punk/metal inspired; black cord and buds, with chrome detail, and great designs. We are able to give away 1 pair to a lucky reader. Unfortunately, we don’t get to choose which style […]

The Return of www.iJailbreak.com

Hey everyone, RoryPiper here. Usualy, when I post something on this great site, I’ve got a cool how to, for making a theme, a review of some new case or iPhone related product, or some other jailbreak-type news. This week it is all about shameless self-promotion. With Gary’s permission, or course. ;P Some of you […]