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How The iPhone 5 Fares Against Its Predecessors [VIDEO]

While benchmark tests were completed to show the true speed of the iPhone 5, how exactly does it rank up against all five previous iPhone models? Everything Apple Pro has created a video presenting a series of tests. Go ahead and watch it below: The first test completed was a power down test, where the […]
iPhone Ophthalmology

Vision Problems? There’s An App For That

Problems with your eye? Look to the “i”! Apparently it’s time to add ophthalmology to the iPhone’s already-impressive list of features. As reported in the July issue of “The Archives of Ophthalmology,” (yes, this exists,) there’s a new study that shows the iPhone may be better at viewing certain types of ophthalmological images than a […]

How to Unlock iPhone with ultrasn0w 1.2.3 on iOS 4.3.3

Ultrasn0w 1.2.3 has been released in Cydia by the iPhone Dev Team, as promised . This will also work for non-unlockers to fix the cosmetic “one signal bar” issue. This is NOT a new unlock, rather a compatibility update for existing unlockers to use iOS 4.3.3. If you updated to iOS 4.3.3, and don’t see […]

Kik Messenger Review: BBM for iPhone, Sort Of

Do you envy BlackBerry users because they have BBM? Do you wish you can text anyone in real-time with your iPhone without those expensive charges? Now you can with Kik. Kik is a real time messenger app that that allows you to talk to your friends on any phone anywhere over the world. It doesn’t […]

AirPlay Support Removed For iPhone 3G?

With the release of the GM seed of iOS 4.2, some features have been working great while others have been failing. The most notable feature that is not working for many is AirPrint, as detailed earlier this week. Now, the next major iOS 4.2 feature to not work seems to be AirPlay but only for […]

iOS 4.2: Improved iPhone 3G Performance

When iPhone 3G users installed iOS 4.0, the result was an extreme slow down in performance. Simple tasks such as typing or just flicking through home screens caused major lags and a horrible user experience. Upon release of iOS 4.1, iPhone 3G performance was improved but it was still not close to the pre-iOS 4.0 […]
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App Review: Improving iOS4 Performance on iPhone 3G

Hello everyone, a quick introduction!  I’m Marc and I am one of the new writers here at iPhoneinCanada.  I’ve been a Windows guy for most of my life until I got my hands on my iPhone 3G.  The amazing user experience convinced me to walk into the light and I picked up my first Mac […]

Steve Jobs: Software Update Coming To Address iOS 4.0 Lags On iPhone 3G

This week, a new email from Apple CEO Steve Jobs confirms that a software update will soon be released to address issues with the performance of iOS 4 on iPhone 3G. In late July, Apple acknowledged that they were “looking into” user reports of the lags with iOS 4 on iPhone 3G. The latest email […]

WSJ: Apple “Looking Into” iOS 4 Problems With iPhone 3G

This week, The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple is “looking into” user reports of the iPhone 3G experiencing lags and crashes when updated to iOS 4. Users of the iPhone 3G that have updated to iOS 4 will not be strangers to the complete device slow down. At the Apple support pages, numerous […]