Jony Ive

Apple’s Jony Ive Explored Nike Watch Designs During the Mid-2000s

Earlier today Bloomberg reiterated an Apple iWatch could launch in 2013, with other sources from The Verge noting such a device could run iOS. Within the article, Scott Wilson, the creator of the Lunatik iPod nano watch accessory was quoted as saying Apple had previously ordered boxes of a particular sports watch from Nike–when he […]

Apple Wins Glass Trackpad Patent Designed By Steve Jobs & Jony Ive

A design patent for aluminium unibody MacBook’s glass trackpad developed by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and chief designer Jony Ive has been awarded to Apple today by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, reports AppleInsider. The patent is titled as ‘Portable Computer’ and illustrates the ornamental design for a portable computer. The U.S. Patent No. D674382 is a […]

TechCrunch: Apple to Acquire Snapguide, Even After the Latter Denies It

TechCrunch is reporting Apple might be acquiring Snapguide, even though the latter’s co-founder Daniel Raffel responded and denied any discussions with Apple: “Snapguide has not been acquired by, nor is in acquisition conversations with, Apple,” he said, “While we have a ton of respect for Apple, and love developing products on iOS, it would be […]

Stepping in for the Part of Steve Jobs: Jony Ive

Once in a long while, on a very special day, you can be shoe shopping and try on a pair that feels amazing… almost as if you’ve owned those shoes forever and broken them in and made them yours and… forgive me, I’ve digressed. The point is, sometimes something new will surprise you by fitting […]

Jony Ive Discusses The Design Work Put Into Apple’s Earpods

We told you earlier that Apple announced and released their new headphones “Earpods” to the public. Apple has never really made changes to the earbuds of their headphones and today that has changed. Apple has posted a video to their website explaining the design process and the reasoning for the release of Earpods. In a […]

Jonathan Ive Buys A $25 Million House On San Francisco’s Gold Coast

Apple’s senior vice president of industrial design Jonathan Ive a.k.a Jony Ive, who is widely credited for his unique industrial designs of the iPod and iPhone, has reportedly purchased a $25 million house on one of San Francisco’s most exclusive blocks (via WSJ). According to people familiar with the deal, Jony, who has been living in San Francisco with […]