Watch the Red Bull Stratos Freefall Live from your iPhone

If you haven’t heard about the Red Bull Stratos freefall project, you’re about to. Felix Baumgartner will jump from 120,000 feet, essentially free falling 37 kilometres (23 miles) and will attempt to break the sound barrier over a desert in New Mexico: THE MISSION Red Bull Stratos is a scientific mission to 120,000 ft. Jumping […]

Google Releases YouTube iOS App for Download [Update]

Apple has been slowly distancing itself from Google integration within iOS. Back in early August, iOS 6 Beta 4 revealed the native YouTube app was set to disappear, and subsequently Google was set to introduce a native YouTube iOS app. Well, that day has arrived. YouTube for iPhone has finally hit the App Store: Watch the […]

Apple WWDC 2012 Keynote Now Available on YouTube

Apple’s WWDC 2012 keynote is now available on their YouTube channel. Check it out below: You can also stream the keynote from Apple’s website or download it to watch in iTunes. Apple introduced new MacBooks, iOS 6 and also new features from Mountain Lion OS X. A Single Destination for Every Steve Jobs Video

Brazilian web-designer Fabio Fiss spent a long weekend creating, a platform that aims to gather every Steve Jobs videos in a single search-friendly place– not only keynotes, but also documentaries, interviews, videos from his time at NeXT, as well as Apple ads. The site is still in development with some holes to fill. In the long run he hopes to […]

Watch Free Movies on YouTube from your iPhone

For those unaware, free movies are available on your iPhone by visiting The page isn’t optimized for the iPhone, but once you play any movie it’ll go full screen and work fine. Today Google announced on their YouTube blog that movie rentals will be available to the US–but not Canada. The existing site does […]

Mark YouTube Videos Private and/or Unlisted in iOS 4.2

Last night we reported that iOS 4.2 Beta 2 was released (along with iTunes 10.1 Beta) to developers less than two weeks after the last build was released. With it will come a few enhancements including this one regarding uploading YouTube videos. This feature has been available on the YouTube desktop client for some time. When uploading […]

How to Watch HD YouTube Videos over 3G on iPhone

If you’ve attempted to watched videos on the YouTube app over the 3G network, you will have noticed the quality is absolutely atrocious. There were ways to circumvent this by installing 3G “tweaks” via jailbreaking your iPhone, but for there are now easier alternatives. Back in the first week of July, YouTube updated the mobile […]

YouTube Updates Their Mobile Site–It’s Awesome

As we posted on our sister site, YouTube has made a significant upgrade to the mobile version of their site. If you visit on your iPhone, you’ll notice an entirely new layout. Here’s what the Google Mobile Team had to say: Here’s what’s new about the new mobile site: * It’s really fast. […]