How to Watch: Elon Musk on SNL Live Stream Replay via YouTube [VIDEO]

CleanShot 2021 05 08 at 21 59 00

Elon Musk just finished hosting Saturday Night Live (SNL), with the show ending for east coast viewers. For those on the west coast, you should be able to catch a live stream of Musk hosting SNL at the link below, available globally. Musk shared the link earlier today on Twitter.

The video is marked private, but may go live in time for the show’s airing at 11:30pm PDT.

But in the meantime, SNL has started uploading the clips of Musk hosting the show on its YouTube channel, which you can check out below:


Post-quarantine conversation:

Gen Z hospital:

Murdur durdur:

Ooli show:

Weekend update with Musk (Dogecoin segment):

Cowboy standoff:

Musk touted himself as ‘The Dogefather’ leading up to his debut on SNL, and he did not disappoint, with his mother mentioning Dogecoin, plus Musk himself talking about it on Weekend Update and saying “to the moon”. Musk also revealed for the first time he has Asperger Syndrome.