Ontario Asks Court to Toss Tesla Lawsuit Over Electric Vehicle Rebates

The new Progressive Conservative government in Ontario recently removed electric vehicle rebates in the province, shortly after coming to power. The move affected Tesla owners who had placed orders for vehicles, as they suddenly lost out on the rebates.

Tesla Motors Canada eventually filed a lawsuit against Ontario, saying the rebate program’s cancellation unfairly targeted the company and its customers in the province.

Now, the government has asked the Ontario Superior Court to toss Tesla’s lawsuit, in a document filed Tuesday. The province’s attorney general claims Tesla’s lawsuit has “no merit” and should “dismissed outright.”

Tesla says the sudden cancellation of the program left hundreds of its customers in limbo, as the rebates they expected for their orders had disappeared. The company also says it was omitted from a program which let customers still receive rebates during the transition period, unlike other car companies in the same position.

The Ontario government responded to say the decision to remove the rebate program was decided based on “valid public reasons,” noting the Tesla lawsuit should be thrown out.

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