Tesla Model 3 Heated Steering Wheel Confirmed

Tesla kicked off the New Year in China with the launch of its latest Model Y electric SUV, offering brand new features like a heated steering wheel and now, Tesla has confirmed the Model 3 will get a heated steering wheel as well, reports Tesla North.

Model 3 china heated steering wheel

As seen in the above screenshot, Tesla has also added a heated steering wheel for the Model 3 in China to match the Model Y.

In addition to a heated steering wheel, the newly launched Model Y also features a HEPA filter for Bioweapon Defense Mode, plus a revised door trim and centre console as seen from the latest Model 3 refresh.

“With both the Model 3 and Model Y in China featuring the same door trim, it seems inevitable this will eventually trickle to the United States, as Tesla streamlines its supply chain parts.”

The Model 3 Performance is also currently priced the same as the Model Y Long Range AWD in China, with the latter priced aggressively to compete against local EV rivals.

What does this all mean? New Tesla features in China will eventually trickle down to the United States and Canada. So that means expect a heated steering wheel for Model 3 and Model Y in Canada sometime this year.

News of the heated steering wheel was first discovered back in October by hacker @greentheonly, and now it has been confirmed in China.