Tesla Referral Winner’s Email Confirms Model Y Power Trunk

In an email sent to a Taiwanese participant of its referral program informing him that he has won the Founders Series Model Y, Tesla has revealed Model Y has a power liftgate. Based on the winner’s note, the Model Y won will be delivered when the company starts handovers to reservation holders in Taiwan (via Tesmanian).

Model 3

Tesla’s email also estimates that Model Y delivery times are currently 2021, although it does not specify whether the estimate refers to Taiwan specifically or to all other countries outside the US.

Here’s what Tesla’s email says about Model Y:

“Model Y is designed to easily adapt to a variety of driving situations. Through the power liftgate, the lower compartment position, and the seat’s easy-folding design, you can easily put all kinds of luggage and cargo into the car before each trip.”

Having a power trunk is great because access to the trunk will be incredibly fast and convenient. Previously, Tesla hadn’t revealed whether the Model Y will have this function but this email finally brings the long-awaited confirmation of this function.

Tesla’s Model Y can carry 7 passengers and their cargo with each second-row seat able to fold flat independently. However, the 7-seater option isn’t slated until 2021 and looks to accommodate only small children. The liftgate opens to a low trunk floor that makes loading and unloading easy and quick.

The first Canadian Tesla Model Y orders are showing a status of ‘Prepare for delivery’, set for mid-2020 arrivals.