Transport Canada Registers 171 Complaints Over Tesla Model 3/Y Heat Pumps

Last month, Transport Canada revealed that they have opened an “active defect investigation” into Model 3 and Y unit HVAC systems and it seems the agency has already registered 171 complaints from Tesla drivers in Canada, according to Teslarati (via Tesla North).

Model Y model 3 hero

Affected users experience instances where their car’s heat pump fails, resulting in loss of heat, even during commutes and on the highway. Many have suffered the sudden loss of climate control for heat during road trips and vacations, a scary predicament especially when traveling with family and young children.

The issue appears to be limited to newer Tesla Model 3 and Model Y units, which are equipped with a heat pump for their HVAC system and CEO Elon Musk has said a fix for the issue is their highest priority.

“We have informed the manufacturer of the investigation, and communication is ongoing,” Transport Canada said in a statement. The investigation is focusing on the HVAC system’s impact on windshield defrost settings and overall visibility conditions for the driver as a result.

Until a permanent fix for the issue is deployed in a software update, Tesla has shared a number of ways Model 3/Y owners can use to try and get the heat back on in their cars independently.

Tesla is also offering repairs in Canada for its Model Y heat pump issues, covering a value of $5,700 CAD with the use of the warranty.