Almost 800,000 iPhones Unlocked with Ultrasn0w So Far


Ever since the release of, people around the world have been jailbreaking their iPhones with ease (and even those inside Apple Stores). More important, this new jailbreak made it possible for everyone to easily unlock their iPhones with ultrasn0w.

Since August 5th, the iPhone Dev Team reports that 784974 ultrasn0w 1.0-1 unlocks as of August 4th in 218 unique ISO regions. Surely that number has surpassed the 800,000 mark. This is an incredible number and shows the sheer importance of how many people rely on these guys to unlock their iPhones. Well done Dev Team!

Canada Ranks #2 Worldwide with over 70,000 Unlocks

The US has over 217,000 unlocks. Canada comes second in 9th with over 23,000 unlocks. However if you take our population into consideration, Canada has a higher rate of unlocks. The USA has roughly 10 times the population of Canada. That would put us at roughly 235,000 unlocks!

The problem is, that once Apple releases a new iOS update, that will null your jailbreak and your unlock. Once again, you’ll have to play the waiting game to safely update and unlock your iPhone. People have been doing this ‘cat and mouse’ game for the past 3 years now. But with Apple now selling factory unlocked units, many can now update in iTunes and keep their factory unlock.

[iPhone Dev Team via iEvolution]


  • Hey CN means China, CA is further down the list.

  • Whoa, I'm blind. Fixed–thanks!

  • Mrmozart

    Why some people try to unlock? I mean they have already signed a contract and they have to pay monthly!!!! is only useful when you travel abroad???


  • draz

    Travel and switching carriers if you buy it locked from someone else

  • Jim

    I thought the purpose of jailbreaking was not to unlock the phone but to get all the apps free…. can some1 please explain jailbreaking in full detail to me…Pros/Cons

    Also i was wondering if i jailbreak my phone and apple has an update what happens or what do i have to do.

  • Hagow

    Can you run a poll, I wanna see how many people jailbreak now since Apple has given us alot of the things that jailbreak gives us such as Skype over 3G, etc.

  • Jim

    that also makes CA in 6th not 9th…. the numbers start at 4

  • Jim

    bunch of typos lol Canada comes in second in 9th lol
    and Canada #2 ….

  • Guest

    Jailbreak, unlock, update, wait…update iTunes, wait, jailbreak, unlock, enjoy…wait, update, wait…update iTunes….wait for jailbreak, unlock….oh, new update, and iTunes. Yep, for all it's good for, besides crashing rather often, the iPhone has got to be the most annoying little device out there. Even my iPod Touch, I've had to restore, reset, or otherwise reboot more than I can count. How the fans are so forgivable of these daily/weekly tribulations yet scream like babies about some antenna issue that they have no personal experience with….is beyond me. Android baby, ha ha

  • Juicy

    I'm curious as to whether or not we will be able to unlock an iphone with Apple's blessing after the contract with any of the top 3 has been fulfilled? I know there will likely always be a jailbreak, but would Apple or any of the big three give us an unlock code after the 3 year contract is up?

  • Nick

    In phone calls with Apple tech support I was told that the moment an iPhone becomes factory unlocked is when your activation profile is downloaded through iTunes the first time, so when it's showing the connect to iTunes logo and you plug it in the first time it downloads something that tells it it's unlocked. If someone could make their own activation profile to activate it the first time it might become permanently unlocked, unless the activation profile is checked on each software update.

  • djepsilon

    Not typos. We're just THAT awesome.

  • djepsilon

    I'd say that's pretty unlikely for the Big 3. Would you really still want to be using a 3 year old phone though?

  • iPhone4crazy

    I haven't on my iPhone 4. Mainly because I can't change my root password because terminal isn't compatible with iOS4 yet. I also have a mobile banking app and I already lost enough money buying the phone. I don't need hackers stealing it too. So let me wait for terminal to be fixed and if “try before you buy” hasn't come to the Canadian app store by then I most likely will. I was extremely disappointed with iMovie for iPhone and feel like it was a waste of $5. You know how much drugs I could have bought with that money? That would have been better than iMovie, that's for sure.

  • Chrome262

    I have Jailbreaked my touch, my iphone 3g and my friends 3gs. With all the new jailbreaking software out there its rather easy. And all of those i have rarely had any crashes or cause to reboot, other then when i am installing new items and i have to re-spring or reboot anyway. Most updates are meaningless and waiting for the jailbreak is not problem. I unlocked my 3g, and its worked great ever since (allowing me to take a rogers phone, and use it on Fido, a phone i got for free). I have changed the look and feel of all my iDevices. functionality that just isn't there in the stock apple os is there now (and i might add functionality that is not yet offered by google). For those of you who haven't taken the time to understand it, or learned is benefits you won't get it. and for Android OS, sure its not called Jailbreaking, but people hack that everyday, and there are kits out there for it, the fact that its open doesn't stop manufacture from Branding the phones.

  • Chrome262

    well there is that new bill that is being pushed through, that will require the companies to unlock when you are done, or have paid out your remaining contract. This will be good, as it will allow you to sell your phone, to people who don't want, or can't afford the latest version.

  • Guest

    Does Fido iPhone 4 work with a Rogers SIM card ? Can anybody here with a Fido iPhone 4 test this with a Rogers' SIM please ? Thanks in advance,

  • Ex

    If it's locked to Rogers, it will only work on Rogers SIM.

  • Guest

    Thank-you but I meant to ask if Rogers' SIM card works with Fido iPhone 4 and not the other way around. Does it work ?

  • Ex

    No. If an iPhone is locked, it only work with that carrier SIM.
    Rogers iPhone = Rogers SIM ONLY
    Fido iPhone = Fido SIM ONLY

  • Guest

    OK. Thanks.

  • The_sda

    Does that mean i CAN safely update my phone from 3.0 to 4.0?

  • Josh

    If you do this can anything potnetially go wrong with your iPhone?

  • Mac

    As far as i know jailbreaking doesn't unlock your phone from the carrier it just allows you to download the free aps and do things like change the background that you cant otherwise however i have only jailbroken my ipod and i could be wrong… as i often am.

  • Akmal

    The numbers don't even add up to anywhere close to 800K. They add up to 568874

  • On the waiting list for iP4

    Wow… You took the time to add it up? And it says that those are the TOP sources NOT ALL of the sources so in TOTAL the amounts add up to around 800,000 unlocks

  • On the waiting list for iP4

    Unlocked = any carriers SIM

  • draz

    Well I'm pretty sure there are more than 23 countries in the world, so that would make up for the missing 175501 not included in the list.

    And I added 609473….. I did it few times manually and with Excel… lol

  • Sedenterry

    You don't need mobile terminal to change your password. Just install OpenSSH, then “ssh” into your phone as root/alpine, which gives you a (telnet-like) command line. Then use “passwd” to change your password.

  • rob

    yes. any networks will work