[Update] Blackberry Messenger NOT Coming To iPhone April 26


Update 1: BGR got confirmation from RIM that this story is not true. We knew it from the start.

Earlier in March, rumors surfaced that pointed to BBM, or Blackberry Messenger, coming to iPhone and iOS.

Now, a new source has revealed more information via the MacRumors forum that reveals an April 26 2011 release date for BBM in the App Store.

Image Credit: TUAW

The new information comes from an attendee who reportedly was at a social media conference hosted by RIM in Toronto. During the presentation, RIM’s Co-CEO Jim Balsillie reportedly told attendees that BBM would debut on the iOS App Store on April 26. But things may not be what they seem.

At this time, there is no way to verify this new BBM claim. So take this with a grain of salt until more proof is revealed. Most likely though, the source is just trying to get some attention.

iPhoneinCanada did some investigative work and if you look at the original poster’s history in the link below, the user’s comment history contains multiple ‘locked’ threads, so I think it’s safe to say this story is all but dead in the water.

So while the story is interesting, there is not a lot of credibility from the MacRumors forum user.

[MacRumors Forum]


  • bekk45

    why would you make this news if you know its not true? ugh

  • SD

    This is the stupidest, most pointless article i’ve ever seen.

  • Tyleradams82

    You guys get your article information from some chump on a forum??? This site just lost lots of credibility!

  • Cake

    Did you read the article before your mouth farted?

  • Ex


  • Frankie

    I seriously doubt RIM would do something like that. To give the one advantage they have (the only reason large number of people still buy BB’s) over to their most dangerous competitor. Even if they sell it in the app store, it will be a one time sale and then bye bye RIM!
    Nah, I say it’s a bad roumor.

  • Fragilityg4

    I tend to agree with you … Although I do remember Steve Jobs once saying there was no way he would make an iPod compatible with PC’s … So never say never … However like I first said I think you are correct.

  • Midgettossing

    false, I was at a rim event yesterday in Toronto, no sign of Jimmy or any mention of BBM, it was just a playbook marketing thing

  • roadcarver

    LOL! Good one.

  • Kirk Armstrong

    Like what most people are posting and what is mentioned in the article, I believe this will never happen. RIM would loose their only competitive advantage.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not so sure their competitive advantage is as good as people perceive it to be. In Canada I’m sure we have a higher Blackberry rate relative to the USA, especially in southern Ontario. I believe BB is slowly fading and this is a good way for them to increase overall revenue with very little cost. Blackberry could very well move into a strong position to monopolize cellular instant messaging. If they were smart they would’ve bought KIK instead of suing them and used to work on the iPhone/droid app for this.

  • Anonymous

    LOL, this would never happen. I just won a BlackBerry Curve and you couldn’t pay me to use the thing over my iPhone. BBM is the only thing keeping that platform afloat.

    If anybody reading this really wants BBM, I am selling the Curve that I just won.

  • Frankie

    A smart business man like Steve jobs will change his mind if it involves making him billions of dollars. However, RIM will loose billions if they sell out their one wild card to the competition. RIM has proven very smart in the past. I don’t think they are about to go stupid on us.

  • Kirk Armstrong

    Well if they did buy kik and market it under that same name it would generate more revenue for them. Look what Rogers is doing with fido. There is tons of people who still don’t realize that Rogers bought fido. Then they think they are running away from Rogers when they are not.

  • DonCBT

    He also said you would not be able to tether your ipad to your iphone!

  • I doubt it would ever happen, But someone needs to make a server that unifies all these messengers together such as PingChat, Kik, LiveProfile, and others because as mentioned several times before its just getting to ridiculous trying to get all your friends on one list when there is over 5 different messengers that do the exact same thing. or for BB or a third party to release an optional Addon to bridge BBM to work with PingChat or WhatsApp or something. Again I doubt it will ever see light, but would be great to see.

  • Anonymous

    i originally thought that too, but after re-thinking it, RIM is losing major market shares worldwide to the iphone and android. to have some control over the flow of network data (i.e. everyting bbm goes through RIM servers), would actually be of great advantage to them (assuming their servers can handle the increased traffic load lol)

  • Anonymous

    BGR’s confirmation from RIM was that it wasnt comming to iOS App Store on April 26? or that its not comming at all?

  • Anonymous

    I knew it was just a rumor and nothing more. How can rim just let the one thing that sets them out for consumers,just go in iPhone hands. I ask people why they got crackberry and the answer is, always bbm so no way in hell there getting rid of the main reason consumers buy it.Not talking about business people wanting email security.

  • IjustLOL


  • Red Star

    I hope it’s true! If so it’s brilliant! It wouldn’t be a free service of course! They could essentially make a large amount of money off of an App that isn’t for their products! Genius, simply genius!

  • John123

    well there you go look at the date now hahahahahahaha

  • John123

    well there you go look at the date now hahahahahahaha

  • John123

    well there you go look at the date now hahahahahahaha