CIBC Mobile Banking Updated with Touch ID, iPhone 6 Support


After promising back in December Touch ID and iPhone 6 support was coming soon, the features have finally arrived for CIBC Mobile Banking iOS users, with version 7.0 released today.

The new version has been updated to support Retina displays on the iPhone 6 and newer, while Touch ID allows for seamless sign-ons without the need to enter your password.

Below on the left is a screenshot of the old version of CIBC Mobile Banking—on the right is the new version:

IMG 2053 IMG 2054

You can now also view images of cheques you’ve written, download eStatements and access details from your mutual funds, mortgages and loans, while also setup recurring bill payments, transfers and more.

What’s New in Version 7.0

January 18, 2015
You asked, and we listened. Check out the app’s sharp new design, tailored to the iPhone6 and above, plus, improved features and some new ones you’ll love, including Touch ID.

Now you can easily access details on your deposit accounts, mutual funds, mortgages and loans. You can also view eStatements and cheque images, set up recurring bill payments and transfers, and receive and manage INTERAC e-Transfers.

Canadian banking users are still waiting for RBC and TD to update their iOS apps with Touch ID, like BMO and Scotiabank have already.

Click here to download CIBC Mobile Banking for iOS in the App Store. Let us know how you like this update.


  • MrXax

    Man, glad I’m not with CIBC. What’s their excuse for being so goddamned slow?

  • KIII

    I think there was a report early last year about how much all Canadians fear technology. Would that make Apple the boogieman I don’t know.

  • slicecom

    It could be worse, you could be with RBC. Still no sign of TouchID there!

  • Corrode

    “You asked, we listened” except that part about how everyone wants Apple Pay.

  • KIII

    No no no. What you really want is Interac money transfers and to prove it we’ll wave that transaction fee of $1.50 and we’ll even give you unlimited transfers per month now.
    Much better right?

  • Anthony ?

    It’s pretty mind boggling how slow the Canadian banks are to update their apps. It’s been what, 15 months since the iPhone 6 came along and they’re only supporting the larger screen size as of today? What a bunch of bozos.

    Not that RBC is any better, they’ve got their heads so far up their own ass with RBC Wallet that they’ve likely convinced themselves that it’ll make Apple Pay unnecessary. However, all we need is 1 of the big banks to support it and the others will have no choice to follow otherwise annoyed iPhone-owning customers will switch banks.

    They all need a good swift kick in the ass as far as I’m concerned. They’re dinosaurs and the really need to just go extinct and be replaced with businesses that have a clue about technology in the 21st century.

  • Gary Bowen

    This is good news as I use CIBC. AMEX has had this for a while, in addition to Apple Pay, so CIBC are still catching up.

    Anyway, for MasterCard purchases, it’s handy. But yes, we can all agree, Apple Pay is where CIBC need to be.

  • sukisszoze

    Finally…if it took the bank this long just to add Touch ID, what’s their capacity to roll out their own version of eWallet! if CIBC can fix their Business Banking app…

  • ticky13

    Hopefully this means an update to President’s Choice too is coming shortly.

  • jabohn

    President’s Choice Financial has recently been revamping their banking machines and website and they now match CIBC. I hope this means’ their pitiful app (which doesn’t work for me) will be updated using CIBC’s new app. Their website says a new app is coming soon.

  • jabohn

    I still have apps that are updated regularly and still don’t support the bigger screens, plus a few that only recently got support.

  • winnertakesteve

    Td: no Touch ID, no Apple Pay, 4″ screen layout. :-/

  • Ron

    Totally agree with you Anthony. They’re a bunch of dinosaurs that need to be replaced. Let’s hope it doesn’t take them another year and a half to support Apple Pay.

  • Anthony ?

    Yeah, but you would expect that a relatively large financial institution would be a bit more on the ball about such things. I’ve got a small number of apps that still don’t support the larger screens, but in most cases they’re essentially abandonware, they’re not apps from big companies who presumably employ more than one or two devs.

  • jabohn

    Gary, PC Financial has the updated app too now. They are nearly identical.

  • Thanks. Posted a couple mins ago 🙂

  • sukisszoze

    I have to say it’s pretty neat to accept an e-Transfer via the on e-transfer email, prompts you to open the CIBC apps, Touch ID to login, type in the answer, transfer done.