Dell Voice Gets SMS, Updated Netflix UI, Tweetbot iPhone 5 Ready


Just a few notable app updates to tell you about. Dell Voice has been updated to be able to send out free text messages. The app already provides Canadians with a free number to receive incoming calls. It’s an awesome app that we’ve covered before, and the best part is the price.

Click here to download Dell Voice, it’s free.

Netflix has been updated to include a slightly revised user interface; it was also previously updated back in May.

Click here to download Netflix.

Tweetbot, one of the leading Twitter iOS clients has been updated for iOS 6 and is ready for the new iPhone 5’s taller screen. The update is now available in the App Store.

Click here to download Tweetbot, it’s $2.99.

What are some other notable app updates you’ve received today?


  • Mstevens

    Dell voice SMS is not free. Messaging between Dell voice subscribers is free. You have to sign up for a texting plan starting at $1.99 a month to SMS contacts outside the Dell voice network.

  • Paul

    I agree with you that it should have been free. Maybe they will change their tune later. At the moment, the closest competitor is textPlus with voice. Free SMS but you need to earn free minutes to make a POTS call (by clicking on ads or buying offers). Having said that, Dell Voice is the “cheapest” alternative to having a voice/texting plan.

    Now, if one can “hack” an iPad flex data plan to work on the iPhone, then the potential savings can offset the $1.99!!!

  • Jonathan

    It’s actually possible to activate a data-only iPhone using an iPad sim. It works only with the Bell network however.

  • Marc

    Hello Jonathan , Can you please tell me How to use data iPad sim on my iPhone? Thank very much for help

  • Michael

    Can anyone tell me if the reception/sound quality of Dell Voice is better over LTE than 3G? Right now, over 3G, the quality can be pretty patchy at times, and is inconsistent enough that I wouldn’t give up my cellular voice plan just yet. I’m wondering if the quality might be better over LTE. Dell Voice is a pretty amazing app nonetheless.