Google Launches ‘Gboard’ iPhone Keyboard in U.S.; Coming Soon to Canada [u]


We have yet another third party keyboard available for iOS users, this time coming from Google, confirming earlier rumours the search giant was set to release its own for iPhone users.

Today’s launch debuts Gboard for iOS in the U.S. only, but Google confirmed it’s going to be available in Canada “in the coming weeks,” along with support for more languages.

gboard canada

Gboard brings built-in search, GIFs, emojis and Glide Typing, right into the keyboard screen. It’s pretty awesome from our quick tests, although the location search isn’t working well.

Here’s what you can do:

Search and send anything from Google:
• Nearby stores and restaurants
• Videos and images
• Weather forecasts
• News and articles
• Sports scores
• And anything else you’d search on Google

Gboard still emojiGifSearch

The built-in search is very handy and easy to use, plus it’s easy to paste results into your messages. A single tap on a result or GIF will copy it to your clipboard, allowing for quick pasting of results.

IMG 1245

As you can see from our quick test above, the Glide Typing is very accurate, probably one of the best we’ve used to date. We were able to ‘swipe’ the above sentence on our first try without making any mistakes (better than Microsoft’s Word Flow).

Overall, Gboard packs some pretty powerful features and has a clean layout that mimics the iOS user interface, as there are no themes to deal with. The only downside is not being able to Force Touch and slide to make edits like the default keyboard on my iPhone 6s Plus.

Google made the decision to launch Gboard on iOS first, even before Android. Guess it really pays to own an iPhone!

Right now, Gboard is only available in the U.S., but if you can’t wait, you can download it easily if you have a U.S. iTunes Account. Click here to follow our easy tutorial on how to set one up. When the app does eventually make its way to Canada, delete Gboard, then re-download it locally for easier updates.

Click here to download Gboard in the App Store—it’s free. How many iOS apps does Google have now?!

Update: I was wondering about this, and thanks to Daring Fireball for this tip, which makes Gboard even cooler now:

Another cool feature. You know how you can move the insertion point by 3D pressing on the iPhone 6S keyboard? Gboard lets you move the insertion point by sliding across the space bar.


  • Nick

    I downloaded it. I haven’t messed around with all the features but it’s the best 3rd party keyboard i’ve tried so far.

  • Yes, so far this has replaced Word Flow for me. Now if only switching keyboards on iOS was easier…

  • KS

    Does it record/store user data? Like typed phrases, passwords, etc.

  • MikeJenkinson

    Downloaded from my US account. I think it’s quite good. The swiping feature is at least as good as Wordflow’s (and both are better than SwiftKey’s, which is my go-to third-party keyboard). The ability to search stuff and embed it is pretty awesome, though. Will stick with this one for a while and see how it goes with me long-term. I really liked Wordflow but there was something about the spacing of the keys and the length of the spacebar that slowed down my typing considerably. So far, GBoard appears to be more SwiftKey-like in layout, which is good.

  • Many99

    Is there any reason why gboard and Word flow are not available in Canada. They are only keyboards. Personally I really like word flow over gboard

  • I found Swype better than SwiftKey, but both were removed once Word Flow came out. I rarely use the one-handed mode of Word Flow, but it is handy. Because of this, it will stay, but right now it’s full-time Gboard.

  • Elaine Leung

    Trying it but I must say I do really like it!

    I’ve been using swiftkey for the longest time and decided to give this a try since it had the Google search capabilities and it does save a lot of time. I hope they will save passwords and emails and stuff too (got so used to it with SwiftKey)

  • Word Flow was released by Microsoft Garage, their experimental apps team, so I can see their limited release to the U.S.

    As for Gboard, Google said it’s coming to Canada and more in the next few weeks, maybe they are using the USA as a beta test for a while.

  • Tony

    Is there a way to disable the keyboard click sounds that I’m just not seeing?

  • khiladi

    its in your settings > sounds > scroll down

  • Tony

    I had tried that last night. It only worked for the stock iOS keyboard, not GBoard. Swiftkey had it in it’s own app menu if I recall correctly.

  • MikeJenkinson

    OK, today’s update about the sliding space bar thing to move the cursor is tremendous.

  • Yeah that made me so happy!

  • MikeJenkinson

    So far the only glitch I’ve found in Gboard is when I’m using Tweetbot (which I keep on my iPhone for those times when the Twitter iOS app hits me with a Promoted Tweet literally every 8 tweets and I need to get away from ads for a while). Sometimes when I’m composing a tweet with Tweetbot, Gboard won’t “load” and I get stuck on a screen with a blinking cursor.

    This would happen from time to time on Twitter with SwiftKey as well.

  • Coming to Canada in “a few weeks” its been a few weeks so where is it! ????

  • Keith Fernandes

    In the Canadian AppStore now ????

  • Thanks

  • Hmm not seeing it yet

  • Keith Fernandes

    It was there this morning at around 730am EST. I’m using it now. Trying to search for it on the AppStore and it isn’t there right now.

  • The CA web link redirects to iTunes and says “Not available in Canada”. Maybe still propagating…

  • You’re Fired

    they should update Gboard more often.
    they still hasn’t have updated with new Emojis after like 2 months?! not acceptable ! they are busy with ???? Android version I Guess and forgot iOS.