Google Lens Now Available for iOS in Canada, Here’s How It Works


Last week, Google announced its Google Lens photo feature was rolling out worldwide for iOS users, coming in an update within Google Photos for iOS. Well, the update finally arrived yesterday evening and now Canadians can try out the feature, which can identify objects and text in your photos.

First, launch the App Store and install the latest Google Photos iOS update. Upon launching Google Photos for the first time, you’ll get notified of the ‘Google Lens Preview’, which states you can “do more with your photos”, once you tap ‘Get Started’.

Google Lens will be able to:

  • Copy text such as phone numbers, dates and addresses
  • Learn more more about landmarks
  • Look up books, music albums, movies and artwork

IMG 2360

To use Google Lens, all you have to do is tap on any photo within Google Photos, then tap the Google Lens ‘icon’ along the bottom (left of the trash icon). Here are some screenshots of Google Lens in action, able to identify this seagull:

IMG 2362 IMG 2361

Yes, Google Lens is pretty creepy but also awesome. The feature first launched for Android users about two weeks ago, but has since rolled out to iOS users.

Click here to download Google Photos for iOS in the App Store.


  • Sterling Archer

    Weird. I’m on a 7 plus and my device is set to English, app has been updated and I can see info about google lens in the settings, but I just see the “info” icon, I can’t get google lens to show up at all.

    Swapped between English US And Canada to no avail. Bummer, don’t even know how to fix it ????

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    Wow, this is great. Wish this was built into the photos app. Weird you can’t take a photo in Google Photo.

  • Ryan Paul

    Updated the google photos app but don’t see the google lens preview welcome. I do see the google lens in the settings of the app but it’s not activating as Sterling Archer mentioned.

  • Hmm…that is weird. Have you already tried force quitting the app and trying again?

  • Yeah, that would be a great addition.

  • skydivertak

    We saw a similar issue with the Artists feature. I think that the release must be staged in the back-end, as I’m in Ottawa and don’t see the feature, but see it in the settings and help.

  • I didn’t had google photo. Download it, and i can’t use lens. Maybe google rolling the feature slowly

  • Sterling Archer

    Seems like it’s a staged roll-out like skydiver mentioned:

    “Starting today and rolling out over the next week” – from googles official tweet

    I just need to have patience!

  • Hosaka

    Is it this similar to Google’s old app Google Goggles? I missed that app. It was helpful for things like looking up an item while shopping and checking out any reviews.

  • space2001

    IOS photos does object recognition on board whenever your device is plugged in for charging.

    To see “most” of your photos that contain cats for example, just open the Photos app, select Albums in the bottom right, and then at the top right click the magnifying/search icon next to Edit.
    It will immediately start showing nearby or Home, or date oriented results, but you can start typing cat to get “Adult cat”, Dog and so on.
    Just start typing B, and you will see Ball, Beach and so on, depending on what photos you have.
    Note this has been around for a few years, and is all done without sending the photo to Apple.

  • space2001

    nope – I was hoping for google goggles as well. This is object recognition within your photos