Google Maps for iOS Adds Gas Prices to Searches in Canada, USA


Google Maps has received an update to now display gas prices when users are searching for gas stations in Canada and the USA. Gas stations will now list prices for regular unleaded beside them, which can be viewed right on the map, or in list view, as seen on our screenshots below:

IMG 1524 IMG 1523 1

What’s New in Version 4.13.0
• See popular times at more than a million places around the world
• See up-to-date gas prices when searching for gas stations in the US and Canada
• Bug fixes

Google also notes popular times are now listed as well, to show when businesses are the busiest, so you know when to avoid them during your holiday shopping (the feature also debuted in the Google search iOS app earlier).

The addition of gas prices to Google Maps first arrived back in October for Android users, and now it’s available for iOS. Most likely, data comes from the search giant’s acquisition of Waze, which has long had gas prices available. This looks like a handy feature, except gas stations usually all have the same bloody prices (where we live anyways)!

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  • SmappleMaps

    Ouch! Gas is expensive where you are.

  • geekyaleks

    With the prices of oil dropping, what is the point of having gas prices showing on a map? Google, you are about 3 years late..

  • Land o Lakes

    Doesn’t seem to include Costco gas?

  • Parksy

    Sure is. We are currently $0.85-$0.89 in London, ON. Costco is helping keep the cost low right now.

  • Patrick Ducharme

    don’t know where you live, but here in Québec, even if the price drop to 37$, at the pump, no difference. Here in ALL the gaz station in my city, the regular is 1.06$/L (and this is low!). Sometimes it goes up to 1.35$/L.

    I’m glad to drive a Chevy VOLT and do all my commute on the battery Range :))

  • Victoria, BC 🙂

  • chickeee

    still cheaper than Vancouver

  • artikas

    Thinking a little short term aren’t we?

  • sukisszoze

    GasBuddy app will need to step up now that Google added gas prices to searches.

  • Doesn’t make a difference if prices are always the bloody same! People waste more gas driving to a station to save a penny per litre lol 😉

  • KS

    Alberta, baby!

  • mrideas

    Ya it’s not showing Costco here in Guelph, Ontario either which is the cheapest by far in the city. Interesting. In fact Google doesn’t even know a gas station exists and it’s been open for almost a year+. Sticking with gas buddy. It’s simple to use and very accurate.