Google Play Downloads Surpass App Store Downloads by 10%


AppAnnie reports that Google Play has finally surpassed the App Store in terms of downloads by 10% during the second quarter of 2013. If we look at the number of activated devices, we can say it is about time: 900 million Android activations vs. 600 million iOS device activations according to the latest available data.


But the interesting part comes just now: despite becoming a leader in terms of app downloads, the App Store also leads the market in terms of mobile monetization. In other words, iOS users are more willing to pay to get content than Android users. To put that into numbers, iOS app revenue was 2.3 times the Google Play app revenue, according to AppAnnie’s index.


Turns out gaming is still the dominant category in the App Store, accounting for about 40% of all downloads in the second quarter of 2013. Photo & Video took third place.


As the download stats already suggest, games continued to dominate the iOS App Store revenue during the same time period, accounting for about 75% of total App Store revenue, up from 70% recorded the prior quarter.


  • Anthonny

    Most games in iOS are very similar but they are still better than Android’s.

  • Something about games on iOS…just much smoother.

  • sam

    a lots of games are free on android. We just dont HAVE TO pay to play. I have an emulator of snes and I can play any game I want for free. Also that’s not true that game are better on IOS. My girlfriend and I have both the simpsons tap out and it’s lagging on her ipad and not on my galaxy s4.

  • Jeff

    Lots free on iOS too.
    Same and best emulator (Retroarch) runs on iOS also.
    According to the Retroarch devs, other than the emu cores that require a JIT (which only JB iPhones allow and only PS1 uses), iPhone versions are better smoother than Android versions on any phone.

  • sam

    you have to jailbreak your iphone to get retroarch so it doesnt explain the numbers in the article also the emu is a port from android to ios. Never saw a port who works better then the original.