iPhone X App Updates: Scotiabank, Shaw FreeRange TV and More [u]


Some more iPhone X updates have hit the App Store lately, with Scotiabank gaining screen support, along with Shaw FreeRange TV.

Other apps recently updated include Home Depot Canada, Google Duo and TP-Link Deco and MyRogers (?).

For the most part, despite developers knowing well in advance iPhone X was coming, app updates have been released in a decent timeframe from Canadian companies. As for major apps such as Gmail and Google Maps (coming soon; update: now available), many iPhone X users are still waiting. But with Google Sheets, Docs and Slides recently updated for the iPhone X, it’s a good sign other app updates are coming.

What are some iPhone X updates you’ve been happy to see, or are still waiting for?


  • sukisszoze

    CIBC is taking forever to update to FaceID..I have to copy and paste my

  • NoOneCares

    Oddly enough- their wealth management app was updated first – and it never had TouchID support previously.

  • Yah, that is the worst. At least app switching on iPhone X is so quick and easy! #firstworldproblems

  • Ace

    It’s so annoying! I use both CIBC and Simplii and what i dont understand is, Apple says that if an app is using TouchID it will automatically work with FaceID without an update but those are the only apps where it doesnt work for me.

  • Dave hester

    Gary is in cahoots with cibc. don’t just believe what he says. Gary gets profit every time CIBC is mentioned on this website.

  • That’s right. And every time David Hester comments, I also get a bag of kittens and puppies

  • xeronine992

    Capital One is the same way! I don’t even log in using the app anymore because the password I use is too difficult to memorize and while Touch ID worked fine on my 6s, no biometric login for now.

  • Guillaume Lacasse

    Google Maps for iPhone X is out now!

  • xeronine992

    Gary: Google Maps iPhone X is finally live!

  • Thanks 🙂

  • Done and done! thx

  • FragilityG4

    Sweet by the time I get my X all my apps will be updated! Come on Rogers get more X’s!!

  • FragilityG4

    You may want to mention CIBC a few more times so you can buy the food for the kittens and puppies… or do you have a Petsmart deal too? Hahaha