Scotiabank for iOS Update Brings Redesign, iPhone 5 Support


Scotiabank has updated its iPhone app today to bring a new design with a side navigation menu, plus support for the iPhone 5’s taller screen. There are also now quick links for faster access to frequent transactions. The company notes your feedback has added to these recent changes.

What’s New in Version 6.0
Modernized design includes a side navigation menu and iPhone 5 optimization
Added Quick Links allow faster access to key transactions
Updated weekend bill payments ensures accounts are debited immediately

Thank you for your continued feedback; your suggestions have fueled many of these changes

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The Scotiabank app first launched in December 2009, but didn’t add mobile banking until almost a year later.

Click here to download Scotiabank for the iPhone–it’s free. Let us know what you think of this latest update if you’re a Scotiabank customer.


  • mrideas

    Glad for the iPhone 5 support finally. Also like the gentle reminder on my credit card and mortgage that tell me the number of days until the next payment is due. Nice touch and well done IMHO.

  • Sounds like a decent update for you

  • Kirk

    I’m still waiting RBC! Come on guys! You’re next!

  • mrideas

    Yes. The new iPad app they put as a teaser pic has me curious for sure.

  • vic

    annnnnnnnnd TD is still sitting in the poop gutter…

  • Chrome262

    yeah no kiddiing, even PC has an app

  • Chrome262

    nice update, almost want to have an account there just to get this app

  • Cyrus Wu

    Well. That’s a canadian first.

  • okenx

    Really like the new update, clean and fresh, with some cool features. Like that they’re adding new features and not letting it stagnate like some others.

  • Rio

    I am considering switching from TD just for this >.>

  • The ultimate power of iOS apps!

  • Sidney R.

    RBC has iphone and ipad apps, mister.

  • jfmartel

    Apparently, TD is due for a new update shortly.

  • Kirk

    lol I know they have apps I’m talking about the iPhone 5 compatible version. ๐Ÿ™‚ I want that 4.0 inch screen!

  • Kirk

    I’m talking about the iPhone 5 compatible version. ๐Ÿ™‚ I want that 4.0 inch screen!