Telegram Surpasses 35 Million Monthly Active Users in Seven Months


Telegram was updated last week to bring audio messages plus better secret chat app deletion. Today, the secure messaging app announced on Twitter it had reached a significant milestone: 35 million monthly active users.

After using Telegram last fall we were impressed with the app’s speed and simplicity. It gained further popularity thanks to a recent WhatsApp outage, causing 5 million people to sign up in just 24 hours.

It will be interesting to see the pace of Telegram’s growth and whether it can be sustained. Right now Telegram’s pace of 5 million active users per month is slightly behind WhatsApp (5.2 million/month) when the latter first revealed its active user base at 250 million last summer, achieved in four years.

Last month when it was announced Facebook had acquired WhatsApp, the latter said they were at 450 million monthly active users, which is about 13 times the size of Telegram’s current user base.

The problem for Telegram is the cross-platform space is a crowded one, and trying to convince friends and family to download yet another messaging app is an uphill battle on its own. But for Telegram, their claim to fame as being the ‘most secure’ chatting app is growing on people especially with recent paranoia surrounding government monitoring of smartphones and more.


  • …and with paranoia growing about how much data Facebook has on us.

    This is why I found it so ludicrous that Facebook was willing to pay so much money for WhatsApp. To turn a profit on their purchase, they need to make roughly $100 per user in net revenue, which could take a very long time to achieve. Not a good strategy in a marketplace where other apps can rise up and take the spotlight in a matter of weeks, sometimes days.

  • T_T ?

    Baffling…why people would want to use these kinds of apps when there are free apps with actual VOIP calling, unlike Telegram and WhatsApp that only allow sending of voice recordings. .

  • Secure two way chats in Telegram’s case.

  • My 1/2 cents

    Dude, have your calculations been verifed by anyone? lol.

  • Chrome262

    I agree, I used hangouts for cross platform chatting, and wait, we can even call each other internationally. Since most everyone I know has a gmail account, this just makes life easier. And seriously how many chat client accounts do you need. Oh and there is even FB, which is on the app to begin with. I see the bubble bursting soon.

  • Al

    It baffles me how people honestly think they are THAT important, to believe that some government dweeb is sitting at a computer monitoring THEIR messages.

  • No, they haven’t, not even by me it seems. I went off of memory of what I thought I had calculated before, and I was a bit off. I just went and double-checked, and it looks like the figure is closer to somewhere between $40 and $50 per user if they want to break even. That’s still an awful lot of profit they’d have to turn for it to be a smart acquisition.

    Perhaps there’s something I’m not seeing, but when you pay $16 billion for a service with 450 million active monthly users, I would assume you’re somehow expecting to make back that $16 billion dollars from those users over time. That’s not even counting in all of the operating costs to run such a service, which would likely put it well over $50 per user that they’d need to make. I just don’t understand how that’s a smart business move.