Toronto Launches ‘Green P’ iOS App to Find and Pay for Parking


The City of Toronto launched yesterday the Green P parking app for iPhone and iPad users, to allow for locating and paying for parking spots in the city. Drivers can use Green P via the iOS (and Android) apps, their mobile browser or regular cell phones.

To setup the app on your iOS device, all you need to do is enter your mobile number, receive and enter your verification code and create a PIN as part of the setup.

Once that’s done, you enter in the location ID of your parking spot or lot, then pay with your credit card. Users get notification reminders when parking is set to expire and can also extend their time right from the app.

Features List:
• Pay for your parking at select lots with your mobile phone
• Keep tabs on your time with the parking session timer
• Get a reminder 10 minutes before your parking session is about to expire
• Extend your current parking session using your mobile phone
• Search for carparks by current location (GPS)
• Receive parking receipts straight to your inbox
• View your parking transaction history
• Eliminate the guesswork – find a reliable lot
• Get where you’re going

All you have to do is look for the Green P Mobile Pay sign at your parking destination and it will work with this app.

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Toronto Mayor John Tory said at a press conference “It’s another example of how we can modernize this city and how we can deliver services,” further adding “We have to bring the services of this city into the 21st century.”

The technology behind this app looks to be from North Carolina-based PassportParking, which offers turn-key mobile parking solutions for cities, such as the similar app it helped launch for Victoria last December. The Victoria app charges a credit card fee, but if you pre-load credit no fee is involved.

Click here to download GreenP for iOS in the App Store. Let us know how it works for you!


  • Mark Holoubek

    Green P? Who came up with that name? Just in time for St. Patty’s Day too…

  • Brendalee

    Does the meter still spit out a receipt to display on your dashboard? How does the bylaw enforcement know that you’ve paid for the spot otherwise?

  • haha…maybe that was the plan.

  • Chrome262

    its an old name, been like that since its inception. Signs with green Ps are everywhere.

  • Nope. They just check the parking spot ID and it will show whether time has been added or not.

  • Guest

    Its selected lots, so I am assuming it will be monitored onl

  • Brendalee

    So if the machine or the app isn’t working properly, and you get ticketed, you will have to go to city hall and fight the ticket after the fact. Hmmm… I think until Im sure they have worked out all the bugs, i will pay the old fashioned way. Thanks for answering 😉

  • Al

    It was just last week I was wishing they had this. It beats stepping out into sub-zero weather in the middle of the night to add more hours.

    I’d hate to be the parking authority people who now have to manually check the license plates in lots to see if the cars with no tickets in the window have paid or not… especially in the freezing cold. Their job just got a whole lot harder.

  • Steve

    About time. Have used one in Montreal. So convenient. Top up from blocks away. Can’t wait for this to be added to street parking.