YouTube for iOS Updated with AirPlay-like Feature


Google pushed out a neat YouTube update for iOS users: Now the app features a “send to TV” functionality, which enables the app to send video out on an automatic connection to a television set that supports the open protocol.

Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 11.45.37 PM

With this update, iOS users can also send YouTube videos to Xbox and PS3 consoles, but only after they manually pair them.

The updated YouTube app also brings improvements for streaming video over slow Wi-Fi connections. But more interesting is the app’s ability to support image recording and uploads by integrating with the YouTube Capture.

With these fresh updates on board, you can finally use the iPhone and iPad to pick up and choose the video you’d like to see on the TV’s screen, as the YouTube iOS app becomes a remote for discovering and playing back videos.

You can download the YouTube app by following this link [App Store].


  • What a shame that the image used in this post is not that of an iOS device. Looks like an Android handset.

  • Scott

    You could also already send to TV prior to the update by pairing your phone with your console.

  • A Galaxy Nexus or Nexus Prime to be Exact

  • Truman Proudfoot

    If I can’t STILL can’t go back to using YouTube in the background or with my iPhone locked, then this update is useless to me!

  • winnertakesteve

    Agreed. I originally used an app called ‘imediashare’ that acts as a catalogue for various video services like youtube and Vimeo. I could select a video to beam to the tv, and then *gasp* continue using my iOS device while it was playing, either to browse further or even exit the app and do other things entirely. The app was still a little rough around the edges, but it baffles me that neither apple nor google can seem to address this glaring omission in how devices interact.