Siri and Apple Maps Reportedly in Early OS X 10.9 Builds


Apple’s upcoming desktop operating system, OS X 10.9, may feature Siri and Maps, as the early builds in testing reveal, 9to5Mac sources claim.

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But don’t jump for joy, though, because we are talking only about the early testing builds, which could easily mean Apple’s Siri voice command software may be cut from the list of new features before the software reaches the final stage.

Furthermore, Apple plans to integrate the heavily criticized Maps application into OS X as a framework for developers, some inside sources say, as cited by 9to5Mac.

The development of OS X 10.9 began along with the now popular OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. As Apple is working on bringing iOS and OS X closer together — Lion was the first release to show iOS as visible inspiration — Apple finally chose to distribute the remaining iOS features across Mountain Lion and OS X 10.9.


  • tzimm93

    Personally I think that Apple should be done with OS X and move onto OS XI or 11. It’s been almost 12 years after all.